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oh that's just so lovely! What a pretty box. I'd love something like that, only I'm sure I would fill it three times over in no time ;o)

Magda from Poland

Hello Girls! I think that from time to time we all deserve a little gift. In the future your daughter will be guessing what Mama would love to have and receive but for now - you should relieve her and get gifts for yourself by yourself, am I right? Magda.


Absolutely - i'm all for a little self indulgence once in a while and gradually Ava will learn that the little treasures mama loves are the ones that others have stopped loving and the quirkier the better x


Why do I never find beauties like that?? I get that 'little voice' quite often, but usually by the time I get back to the shop, its too late! :-( I want a sewing box like that!! xx


Yours is out there somewhere Lisa - don't give up the fight x

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