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Learning to knit is on my new years resolution list. Kove the hats and hopr you feel better soon

ooh,how I miss those smoothies.I use to buy myself one everyday from the Hampstead deli.
feel better soon:)


Oh yay!! I am sooo happy to have found your wonderful inspiring corner of this great vast web! :) I have two wee girls at home and love sewing/buttons/knitting/etc.. I have just spent 30 mintues browsing through your blog and will be back again!
Thank you!


I would like to include one of your daughters bedroom pics in my ezine mag coming out in a couple day. :) You did a fantastic job!


Hi Priscilla - that would be wonderful - if you could send me the link when its out i'd love to see it and add it to my blog - thanks so much x

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