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how sweet! I have struggled with faces on things I make - so hard to get a nice (not evil) expression. I think Polly's face is perfect - she looks quite pleased with herself.


Well, actually I like her even better than Molly. I agree she really does look so pleased with herself, a doll full of self esteem! How nice! And just a question from dollmaker to dollmaker about the neck, which is pretty thin: how did you manage to fix the neck? Will it droop after a while or did you stiffen it somehow? I have always made fat necks because I was afraid this might happen.But your thinner neck gives her such a graceful look. Have a good day!


Hi Claudia so sorry for not replying earlier - have only just been able to get my computer to allow me to reply!!! I must admit that the neck has flopped despite being stiff when all stitched up. Im going to unpick the seam and add in some pipe cleaners to see if that sorts it. Failing that i will have to adapt the pattern for my next one although i do agree that a thin neck looks more graceful - will let you know how i get on


Hi ......(I couldn't find out your name) I realized that you were having computer problems and that you were without connection to the blogger world - so forlorn! Thanks for your reply. I feared there would be problems with the neck nor have I found the trick yet to cope with it. I' m interested to see what happens with the pipe cleaners. I do have several doll making books I will have to have a look inside once again. See if I find something!

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