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Hello, just found you from a comment on Flickr, what a lovely little blog you have here! Love Ava's room,such Gorgeousness!
Rachel x


Thank you so much Rachel - glad you like it - can't believe it took me so long to start a blog - i'm hooked - hope you pop back from time to time x


Her room is seriously adorable!


Oh this room is so lovely!

Jana Kleitsch

I found the room photo on Flickr too. LOVE her room. The bed turned out fantastic.


Thankyuou so much for your kind comments - glad you love the room x


I have looked through your blog and i absolutely love all the fabrics you use. Could you please tell me where you get them from?


Thanks for stopping by Peju most of my fabrics have been a random collection i've collected over the years from various fabric shops waiting for the right place to use them. I was also lucky to get some fabrics samples from where i worked as an Interior Designer ( which was handy) however i can tell you that the spotted fabric is from a UK company called Prestigious. Hope this helps and sorry i can't be more specific x


hi there! did you sew the bedding yourself or have it made?


If only i was that clever (and patient) no i bought both of these - the throw came from a german company at a trade show in Paris and the duvet was purchased from my old employer and i don't know where they got it from so i'm sorry i can't give you any links to buy them if you were interested - thanks for stopping by x


Ava rooms is so lovely the beds makes it look even more attractive.Good job!!

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