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Well hello and welcome. Could it really be that no one has commented yet at all? Am I really the first? I canĀ“t believe it!

I read your blog and I know what you mean. Just like you I sit for more hours than I can believe reading all those wonderful stories in which people(mostly females) tell you about their lives, some interesting, some inspiring, some funny and some touching. I too love looking at those many, many photos of beautiful crafty things and I admit I have learned a lot from others.

Now you have entered the blog world! And as far as I can see from those two months your craft work looks very pretty. I love that doll of yours! Yes, me too, I have been looking for patterns trying to decide how to make "my" doll. And I realize that you have made a very good job of yours.

Although I am twice your age (and come from Germany and sometimes wish I too had a blog) I know what it is like when the fingers itch to make something new. Mine do condtantly.

Now let me wish you lots of luck. I will be happy to return to your blog frequently and to see what else you make, do and experience. I hope you have tons of fun, make interesting aquaintances and lots of new crafty work.

Wish you all the best!


Thank you so much Claudia for your lovely kind comments and for taking the time to be my first 'commenter', it really is nice to know that people share my thoughts and love my work. As a newbie who has barely scratched the surface of the wonderful world of blogging - i can heartily recommend it and can't believe it has taken me so long to take the plunge!
So thank you Claudia you have brightened my day and i look forward to seeing some of your work soon
Jo x


Well, it`s like an award isn`t it - being able to make a first comment on an interesting and inspiring blog ! I love brightening other people's days - could there be a better job? So you just carry on with the path you have started on and I'll come visit you often!
Sunny greetings


Carrie from Melbourne, Australia here - just found your blog today and you make beautiful things. I wish you all crafty goodness in your journey - and look forward to being inspired...
Thank you for sharing.


Thanks so much Carrie - have just returned from a short holiday and am all geared up for lots of crafty goodness. Thanks for stopping by x

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